“To travel without meeting the other is not to travel, it is to move”

Alexandra David Neel

Welcome to our blog

Jean-Luc, founder of Cognac Tasting Tour, our agency, presents here specific moments of the Cognac vineyard and meetings with some of the “characters” that we can meet there.

By sharing these experiences our wish is to arouse your curiosity and encourage you to come and cross the white paths that wind through the vineyards and along the Charente river, in this discreet land sometimes called “French Tuscany”, where we still know how to give time to time.


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The agency’s online store is open

The agency’s online store is open

Are you looking for a gift idea? Our online store is made for you. With our Gift Cards, you leave the choice of its use to the recipient. A good way to offer an original destination and off the beaten track.

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Events and moments of life in the cognac vineyard in Charentes, also called the “Spirit Valley”