Cognac Tasting Tour, DMC and inbound travel agency in the land of Cognac and Charentes

Discover Cognac, its vineyard and the Charentes Region

Cognac Tasting Tour, French Travel Agency & DMC

Cognac Tasting Tour, agence de voyages au pays du Cognac et en Charentes

Découvrir Cognac, son vignoble et les Charentes

Cognac Tasting Tour, Agence de Voyages

Cognac Tasting Tour, DMC and inbound travel agency in the land of Cognac and Charentes

Descubra Cognac, su viñedo y la región de Charentes

Cognac Tasting Tour, agencia de viajes francesa y DMC

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Master Blender Workshop

Workshop organized from 2 participants

Be the cellar master and assemble your bottle to discover cognac in a different way

Each participant develops their own cognac by blending several different eaux-de-vie vintages

Once their sample assembly is finalized, each participant prepares their bottle to take away

The cellar master of the house or his assistant will reveal some secrets to you during the workshop


You visit the historic premises of a cognac house

After the presentation of the house, you find yourself in a cellar for a workshop

The cellar master, or one of his assistants, presents eaux-de-vie from different vintages and ages. During an olfactory then gustatory tasting, the personality of each eau-de-vie is presented to you, the particularities of their production (origin, aging …) and their contribution in a blend explained …

From these explanations and your tastes, you embark on the preparation of a witness blend, a reflection of your sensitivity. Assisted by the cellar master, you select the one of your tests that you prefer to develop your own bottle. Finally, the “formula” of your blend is recorded in the House’s blending ledger.


The cellar masters of the day

This activity is ideal for:

  • A grouping of tribes
    • For some it will be the power that will prevail, for others it will be the aromas, to each his own approach.
  • A festive seminar
    • We spend a pleasant and relaxed time with work colleagues and we discover unknown talents in a world of aromas and flavors where everyone sharpens their senses.
  • A corporate event
    • The workshop allows you to find yourself in an atypical setting, far from the company. Ideal for a special occasion (new arrival, retirement…).


  • Have a total of three hours, including travel time
  • (only for adults) Workshop
  • Animation can be organized all year round, depending on the presence of the cellar master or his assistant.

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Become Cellar Master during the workshop and assemble a unique cognac: yours