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The agency’s online store is open

The place to buy stays, excursions and gift cards to offer

You are looking for a gift idea while leaving the choice of its use to the recipient.

You prefer to offer a stay by defining the included services yourself

You want to offer an original destination off the beaten track: the Cognac vineyards and the Charentes.

Our online store with its products such as Gift Cards, stays with gift vouchers, is made for you.

In the Online Shop, you will find services to buy immediately as well as Gift Cards to offer.

You want to offer benefits but not pay for a catalog and its superfluous cardboard packaging that will end up in the trash.

You want the amount paid to be guaranteed by a financial organization independent of the issuer of the Gift Card.

How does the Gift Card work?

Purchase of the Gift Card

You pay for the Gift Card less than its face value on our online store.

We send you the Gift Card by email in the form of a pdf file with its description and General Conditions of Use.

You offer the Gift Card to the recipient of your choice.

Use of the Gift Card

During the validity of the card, the recipient chooses the services and / or stays of his choice, all organized by our agency.

The services and stays are those packaged and presented on our website. The recipient can also request tailor-made services.

When paying for the chosen services, the recipient indicates that part of the payment is made with the Gift Card. He gives us the unique number associated with the Gift Card.

The Gift Card is considered a payment equal to its face value.

The recipient pays the balance of the services chosen by credit card or holiday vouchers.

On the agreed date, and according to the conditions of sale of the services, the recipient performs the services of his choice.

From the payment of the services chosen, the General Conditions of Sale of the services apply.

A stay can be paid for with one or more Gift Cards.

The financial advantage linked to the Gift Card cannot be combined with certain commercial promotions offered by our agency (see the Specific Conditions of Sale of these promotions)


The Gift Card is issued for a period of 18 months. Beyond its validity date, the Gift Card expires.

It cannot be returned or refunded, but only exchanged for services offered by our agency.

A payment by Gift Card cannot give rise to any partial refund, even if the services chosen have a total value lower than the face value of the Gift Card.

In the event of travel restrictions for health reasons imposed by legislation (Covid-19 or equivalent), the life of the Gift Card is extended by the duration of the restrictions.


The Gift Card is issued by our travel agency.

Therefore, in accordance with Tourism Law, the face value of the Card, considered as a deposit, is financially guaranteed by the company ATRADIUS, our financial guarantor.

Likewise, any other sum paid when booking services with our agency is financially guaranteed by ATRADIUS, our financial guarantor.

The recipient of the Gift Card is thus financially guaranteed for all sums paid to our agency until the completion of all the reserved services.

Likewise, all travelers are covered by our agency’s Civil Liability Insurance, taken out from the Hiscox insurance company.

Take a tour of our online store: : “Gift Cards, Gift Coupons for stays off the beaten track

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In the Online Store, choose a packaged stay or buy a gift card to offer. A good way to offer an original destination off the beaten track.