Cognac Tasting Tour, DMC and inbound travel agency in the land of Cognac and Charentes

Discover Cognac, its vineyard and the Charentes Region

Cognac Tasting Tour, French Travel Agency & DMC

Cognac Tasting Tour, agence de voyages au pays du Cognac et en Charentes

Découvrir Cognac, son vignoble et les Charentes

Cognac Tasting Tour, Agence de Voyages

Cognac Tasting Tour, DMC and inbound travel agency in the land of Cognac and Charentes

Descubra Cognac, su viñedo y la región de Charentes

Cognac Tasting Tour, agencia de viajes francesa y DMC

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Between Charente and vineyards, bike and canoe ride

In Charente, adventure is at the end of the road …

Go by bike or canoe to explore the cognac vineyard and the river that runs through it.

Accompanied by your guide, you will leave the city of Cognac, make a stopover to visit a trading house and on the cognac trails you will meet some local characters reflecting this extraordinary spirit.

Set off early in the morning, between the vines and the river as a couple, with good friends or with your family all year round on the handlebars of your bike, on the roads bordered by vineyards and the Charente.

Set off on paths with a bicycle, electric or not for the more athletic, and spend a pleasant moment immersed in the terroir that surrounds you. At any time, drop your bicycles into the ferns to enjoy a quiet break along the river.

For the more adventurous, you will embark aboard a Canadian canoe offering comfort and authenticity thanks to its size and ease of maneuvering and will go up the Charente bordered by the vines of Grande Champagne in the heart of restful and elegant landscapes.

On the day’s program, travel around fifty kilometers from the city of Cognac. Stop by a merchant in Jarnac, the other town for the liquor of the gods trading, where after crossing the cellars near the river, you will taste some homemade products!

Get off the ground to meet an authentic distiller who will invite you to his distillery, explain everything, or almost, about this famous double distillation very specific to cognac, tell you some tasty anecdotes about his family, his village, before presenting you samples of his family cognacs.

If time permits, you can also meet a local craftsman, who will show you his art in the service of the world of cognac …

At the end of the afternoon, you will find the town of Cognac, “benèze”, as the people of Charente say!

Go on an adventure by bike or canoe to discover the cognac vineyards and the Charente river.