Cognac Tasting Tour - DMC & Inbound travel agence in the vineyards of Cognac

Official travel agency and DMC in Cognac, France. Escorted tours, excursions, tasting workshops in the vineyard of Cognac - France.

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Official travel agency and DMC based in the vineyard of Cognac : wine tours, craft disitllery visits, escorted tours for individuals, small groups, incentive tours, gastronomy and accommodation booking. Winery and distillery visits.

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About Us

Jean-Luc, your guide to visit Cognac and the vineyards, to enjoy a cognac tasting
Jean-Luc, your guide to visit Cognac and the vineyards, to enjoy a cognac tasting
Experience a personalized immersion
in the heart of the Cognac Country

Cognac Tasting Tour is a DMC (Destination Management Company) & travel agency set up in 2005, located South-West of France near the city of Cognac, in the heart of the vineyards, that is independent from any trading house or cognac producer. Cognac Tasting Tour organizes excursions, master-classes, stays of individuals and small groups.

With our travel agency, immerse yourself into the heart of the Cognac Country and live an experience off the beaten track in Grande Champagne vineyards, the Premier Cru of Cognac. Share the time, the passion and some secrets of those whose families have elaborated since generations the liquor of the gods ...

Christine welcomes you at Le Relais de Saint Preuil
Christine welcomes you at Le Relais de Saint Preuil

 Presentation at a glance

Cognac Tasting Tour organises excursions, master-classes, stays for individuals and small groups.

The owner, Jean-Luc, is a certified Cognac Educator who will personally drive you from the roots of the vine to the glass for unforgettable tastings. With him, you will meet distillers who keep alive the know-how to elaborate cognac they inherited from their ancestors.

Passionate about the cognac Jean-Luc is willing to share his tricks to become an expert in the selection and tasting of a cognac. Recognized epicurean, Jean-Luc is also an active member of the Cognac Cigare Club

Cognac Tasting Tour has its office at Le Relais de Saint Preuil, a guest mansion managed by Christine, the wife of Jean-Luc. There, you will experience the way of living of a French family that welcomes you home like friends and you will appreciate the local gastronomy of the Cognac country.

Le Relais de Saint Preuil - The guest mansion for Cognac lovers
Le Relais de Saint Preuil - Tthe guest mansion for Cognac lovers
That is the place to be for cognac lovers !

 Detailed presentation

Our focus

In the Cognac country, the way of life is all focused on the spirit, its angels’ share, its paradises, living at a slow pace, giving time to time for gently aging eaux-de-vie. That is the specific culture we share with my guests, bringing them away from the beaten track.

Our guests live a terrific experience, immersed into the vineyards of Cognac when entering back doors that are usually closed to the public, meeting the owners of family estates with their own distillery and let them sample "single estate" cognacs older than 40 years of age, heritages from the ancestors.

Our guests touch the finger at the history of cognac and its elaboration, the special vine-growing in this vineyards, the mentality of the people here.

Our guests do not have to worry for driving. During excursions, they may fully enjoy their tastings and meetings with traditional producers hidden in the vines, discovering nice landscapes and architecture. They can also enter into workshops of local craftsmen such as coopers.

Visit a famous Cognac house commented by the owner
Visit a famous Cognac house commented by the owner
A distiller explains the gestures transmitted from his ancestors
A distiller explains the gestures transmitted from his ancestors

Your personalized travel

Jean-Luc has created and manages Cognac Tasting Tour that develops comprehensive travel programs in the Cognac Country to meet your needs and interests. Jean-Luc may organize for you an excursion, a tasting workshop, a Master Class, a air balloon flight, a visit to a cooper or an art crafts person and, of course, visits of famous trading houses and traditional distilleries.

Before to operate his agency, Jean-Luc followed the training of a professional distiller at the Economic Organization of Cognac (a professional body) and is now quite involved in some local societies such as the Cognac Cigare Club (a club of epicureans, cigar and cognac lovers, based in the city of Cognac).

Today Jean-Luc is delighted to share with the agency’s guests what he learned from his grandmother, who was distilling calvados (a spirit made from apples) in Normandy, from his professional experience in South-East Asia, his neighbours distillers, his own trainings as a distiller and experience.

His qualities as a guide to explain the cognac from the vine to the glass have been recognized by the BNIC (Inter-professional Office of Cognac) which named him an official Educator Cognac.

Your accommodation in the vineyards

Christine, his wife, welcomes you home, in their guest mansion (Le Relais de Saint Preuil) nestled in the Grande Champagne vineyards, the heart of the Cognac country, with cognac estates of Rémy Martin and Hennessy as prestigious neighbours, and estates of family producers with their own distillery.

Christine makes you discover the way of life of a French family, cooks typical dishes of the region during your stay, strives to satisfy all your desires. Christine will be happy to share her good addresses, recommend restaurants, make reservations for you or help you plan your visits.

Le Relais de Saint Preuil is one of the few hamlets representing the Charente architecture of the 17th century. Thanks to its remarkable site in the hills of the Grande Champagne vineyards and its careful renovation in respecting local architectural traditions it became one of the finest guest mansions in France .
The charm of yesteryear got married for the best with a subtle and understated decor and with comfort of our time.
You can book fourteen deluxe rooms, organized into five rooms and four suites and apartments, which meet the highest requirements for seminars, family gatherings, private celebrations or weekends .
In addition to its role of quality accommodation in the Grande Champagne vineyards , Le Relais is the meeting point for connoisseurs from around the world in search of cognacs with a strong personality , with some of them dedicated to cigar lovers or aged over fifty years in family cellars of traditional producers in the surrounding .

That is the place to be for cognac lovers !

 Contact information

Cognac Tasting Tour - Sarl THF

Lieu-dit Chez Rivière


Call : +33 (0) 545 808 038

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French Ministry of Tourism Licence : IM-016-11-0010

Financial Guaranty : APST - Corporate Insurance : Insurance Group HISCOX

Spend some time in cognac paradises in the middle of the angels

Cognac Tasting Tour - DMC & Incoming travel agency specialized in wine tours in the vineyards of Cognac

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