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Harvest in the vineyards of Cognac

The harvest in the vineyard of Cognac is nearing completion

Here is, for those who could not come to meet the winemakers during this period,

what to remember about these harvest.

This year, the volume of grape juice is not at the rendez-vous.

Compared to previous years the lack is often more than 30%. The vine has suffered from the weather with very dry passages. Fortunately, the rains of the week before the harvest gave in a few days a gain of 6 to 8 hl / ha (the volume of production of juice is measured in hectoliters per hectare), or 10% of the estimated harvest.

The weather is not only to explain the low harvest. Diseases seem to have gathered this year:
- Powdery mildew has affected 30% of the area
- Mildew explains a loss of almost 7% of the potential harvest.
- Golden flavescence gave by 5% loss on the harvest. Flavescence is transmitted by an insect
- Wood diseases that are affecting more than 10% of the vineyard, double on last year, explain a decrease of 6% of the harvest.

You do not know these diseases ? Do not worry, we’ll talk soon about them and their impact on the vine.

Last but not least, to maintain naturally their wines, wine-makers need acidity in their grape juices. But the hot summer led to a rise in sugar in the grapes but a decrease in acidity.

The sequence of operations, particularly the distillation, will be delicate with low acidity wines. Distillation will start soon to get eaux-de-vie of high quality.

But this is another story …

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Grape picking, a great opportunity to discover the vineyard of Cognac, its terroirs and to meet their winemakers