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Cognac Tasting Tour, French Travel Agency & DMC

Cognac Tasting Tour, agence de voyages au pays du Cognac et en Charentes

Découvrir Cognac, son vignoble et les Charentes

Cognac Tasting Tour, Agence de Voyages

Cognac Tasting Tour, DMC and inbound travel agency in the land of Cognac and Charentes

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Gourmet walk in Grande Champagne

A step-by-step walk for a meal in the vineyards

Between two stops, a guide presents the work of the vineyard, deciphers the landscapes,

tells the story of the places crossed and the estates serving as a stopover.

What is a Gourmet Walk?

On a beautiful Sunday in August, you go to the place called departure of the day. There, once your registration is confirmed, we equip you with the essentials of the day: a pocket to put around the neck containing the map summarizing the stages and your drink. Once ready, you set off with a small group of foodie walkers with a tour guide for lunch.

A step-by-step walk

The first stage takes you towards the aperitif, a stop of about fifteen minutes to discover original associations of local products, with or without alcohol, and always in moderation.

After two to three more kilometers, you will arrive at the second stop where it will be question of the entry of the day. At the third stop, you will be presented with the dish of the day, to be tasted at a table in the courtyard of a wine estate very rarely, if ever, open to the public.

The fourth stop, once again two to three kilometers from the previous one, will talk about cheeses, then the fifth will allow you to discover the recipe for a local dessert. Finally, the last stage will bring you back to your starting point in the morning to conclude your meal with a well-deserved coffee embellished, for amateurs, with a few drops of a drink straight out of paradise from a neighboring distillery.

The gourmet walk in Grande Champagne

La Balade Gourmande en Grande Champagne is no exception to the definition, while making some purely local adaptations.

Each group is accompanied by a local guide who, along the route, explains the vineyard, deciphers the landscapes, tells a thousand and one stories …

Each step of the course is the opportunity to discover either a local craftsman, or a cultural association demonstrating all his skills in the form of an animation, an exhibition (painting, music …), etc …

Finally, last but not least, the local producers, organizers of the walk, make you discover with each dish the best way to combine their products, a rare experience in the land of cognac.

Next meeting

Each year, the walk follows a different route in the vineyard, far from the roads. Thus, each year we discover new wine estates, new distilleries never open to the public, and new landscapes between the Charente valley and vine-covered hillsides.

La Balade tempts you?

Book your last Sunday in August and contact us.

We will tell you how to register for this Gourmet Walk in Grande Champagne.

Gourmet walk in the Cognac vineyards, the gourmet hike