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Air Balloon Flight

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Elaboration of cognac

The cognac goes through several stages: the harvest of grapes, vinification of white wines obtained after a few weeks, (...)

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Enjoy a very rare moment flying over the vineyards of cognac aboard a hot air balloon ...

Book online your flight here

Air balloon flight : 260 € / passenger

The vineyards of cognac, very well-ordered with vines, sunflowers and Charente houses, seen from the sky in a hot air balloon

The organization of flights depends on the weather
(Validation the night before the flight - final confirmation two hours before take off)

 In a few words...

Fly the head in the sky. Enjoy the peace and quiet air. Enjoy this strange taste of freedom, serenity, where better than in dreams, the images move in slow motion. Seen from above, the vineyards, fields of sunflowers and Charentais houses are amazing ...

 Detailed description

The flight is divided between :

- The transfer to the take-off and flight preparation area
- The flight itself, for 45 to 60 minutes, depending on weather conditions and the landing point
- The removal of the nacelle, the folding of the balloon
- The the graduation as an aeronaut and the drink and at the end of the flight
- The return to starting point

Flights are conditioned by the weather.

In case of favourable weather, summer flights are in the morning one hour after sunrise or the evening one hour before sunset. In winter, flights may occur throughout the day.

Even if a flight date is defined when purchasing the service, it remains subject to weather conditions.

Accordingly, any coupon is valid for 12 months, extendible to 18 months with the agency approval. During the period of validity of the coupon our agency has to be contacted to schedule a flight.

Our agency will then confirm the booking depending on availability and weather forecasts.

For those on tour for few days in the vineyards of Cognac, flights are charged once confirmed.

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 Physical and medical conditions

Participation in a hot air balloon flight involves having a good physical and mental health.

The nacelle is not equipped with seats, its height is 1.10 m with a foot step halfway up allowing passengers to access it by their own means.

Disabled people, pregnant women, people with a contraindication for the balloon flight (osteoporosis, psoriasis, heart disease, hip replacement, joint problems, who are back from a surgery, non-exhaustive list ...) and those who smaller than 1.30m tall can not participate in a flight.

Children between 10 to 15 years old taller than 1.30m must imperatively be accompanied by at least one adult.

This activity is also not recommended for those suffering from vertigo.

For safety reasons, the pilot reserves the right to refuse boarding to any person under the influence of drugs or alcohol, any person with a physical inability to do this activity that would be discovered on take-off site. In such cases, the voucher would be considered used.

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The price includes:
- A voucher with a 12 month validity
- The flight itself
- The return drive from the landing point to the starting point

The price does not include:
- Transportation
- Personal purchases and souvenirs
- Personal insurance

Dates : flight dates are defined according to weather forecasts

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The vineyards of cognac, very well-ordered with vines, sunflowers and Charentais houses, seen from the sky in a hot air balloon

Drink in moderation. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to serious health problems.

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